More people decided to have children in their later age than in the past. Why? Do advantages of this outweigh disadvantages

In modern society, there has been a major concern that many couples have delayed parenthood. Some explanations for this social trend is considered that career, changes in social belief, women empowerment, escalating living expenses, increased life expectancy are the most prominent reason why a large number of pairs decide to have babies in their later age. In my belief advantages of having children later in life outweigh its demerits. (*)Fist, It is transparent that in this age of huge competition, unemployment and economic crisis, people around the world are constantly worried about their career, job promotions and their position in their job thus a variety of parents are very passionate and enthusiastic about their career development and their profession is the primary so they just focus on their career and mostly don't care about having a baby even get married. (*) Furthermore, still having some undoubted reason they do not expect to have children in the early stage of their marriage because it is believed that children are raised better by older parents. This seems valid due to the fact that older fathers and mothers are generally wealthier, more experienced, and more willing to take the responsibility of bringing up a child. (*)Other than women empowerment is also a justification why parents decide and determine to postpone their first childbirth. In the current day, the woman not only do the homework or take care of the children but also work to earn money hence so many wives decide to born in their later age after they reach a stable job position. (*)Ultimately, parents might put their career at a risk as well as the future of their children if they become parents before they are mentally and economically stable. (*)This phenomenon in present-day really makes some people right consider that should they have the children later in their expectancy. But in some cases, having a baby is absolutely awesome. Let think that their life will become happier if they have a baby and what will come unless they have the baby. Of course, their life will be monotonous or stress. For example, almost parent always feel happy and unstress when they arrive at the home after a tired day. (*)Moreover, when an aged couple decides to give birth, there are serious health risks for the woman in the prenatal and postnatal period. If any complicated maternal health problem arises, the life whole family would be turned upside down. (*)In sum up, there are so many reasons why people should decide to have the children at a later age and not. In my opinion, having children at a later age will be amazing chose of me and I think more and more the parentless children will be nurtured if some people can not have a child.
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