some people think that in order to solve traffic and transportation problems, people should be encouraged to live in the suburbs or in the countryside rather than in the cities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

people have contrasting views about whether we should encourage citizens live in rural areas (instead of cities) to tackle the traffic congestion and transportation problems or not. while in a certain extent, I agree with that idea , however, there is still some other problems need to be solved in this situation. There are no doubts about that moving people from cities to countryside or suburbs could address trafic and transportation problems. Owing to the fact that people tend to live in cities to have better life condition including brilliant job opportunities, great educational system and stunning welfare. This tendency leads to some problems is that transportation system in many cities can not be able to serve the huge number of people, too much vehicle on the small roads. To solve this problem, big companies region should be replaced from cities to countryside, and government's rural areas should provide more infrastructure to give sufficient life condition for people. As a result, people who remain in cities could have more space on streets and avoid stuck on roads in a long time. Despite the argument above, there are still several issues that traffic and transportation need to be tackled. One of the main reasons is that there are not only the number of people join traffic but also existing problems with awareness of people, as we know in some cities people participate in traffic with very low behaviour. Many people just care about their demands, therefore, they break laws on the roads such as ignoring traffic lights. Furthermore, with weak transportation system , the point here is not about the number of people on the road that is governments should improve the quality of street. For example, in my cities, Ha Noi, we have some old streets with terrible surfaces that could make some accidents to people. In conclusion, immigration of people from cities to suburbs is a great solution for this circumstance, besides, governments should convince people joinning traffic in more discipline.
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