Inventors are not important as doctors. To what extent you agree with this statement?

Although some people think that physicians are more pivotal than inventors, I believe that both of them are important to the society. Inventors play a significant role in the community. This is because they create new ideas, and transform those ideas into innovative inventions, which benefit the society in all aspects. Moreover, being creative is an unique quality among people who are able to invent new things. For instance, a research, which was conducted by a team of statisticians in Oxford University, revealed that one in every twenty people has a brain that can generate entirely new ideas. Therefore, inventors are exceedingly advantageous and unique in the way they benefit the mankind. That being said, doctors are crucial for any society. This is owing to the fact that they treat illnesses and help impove people's health. Furthermore, if it had not been for physicians and medical specialists, the rates of mortality and morbidity would have escalated to a terrifying extent. To illustrate, according to the famous Egyptian Cardiologist, Magdi Yacoub, physicians contribute to the survival of seventy percent of the children who are born with medical abnormalities. As a result, doctors are of paramount importance in any society, and they are considered to be the cornerstone for humans' health. To conclude, despite the fact that some individuals believe that inventors are not as significant as doctors, I would argue that physicians and people who create innovative ideas are equally beneficial to the society.
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