Some people believe that sport is an essential part of school life for children, while others feel it should be purely optional. Discuss these opposing views and give your own opinion.

Physical exercise have been proven by scientists to be vital in the physical development and healthy living of the population. Physical activities, sports have played an important part in the development, mentally and physically of the partakers especially the school children as most people believe, although some don't. I strongly agree that children who do engage in sporting activities have an edge over those who don't. Sports as the name Intel's, is a physical exercise most a times involving the whole parts of the body as well as the mental,the brain. When an individual engages in sporting activities they feel great and more energised to face the next activities. For instance, when I was in school I do start my day with exercise, after which I bath and set-off for classes at the end of the day I see myself achieving more than those who don't and also I accomplish more on those days. If a person should engage in a sporting activity or not,for some still remains optional,to them they believe and sees it that physical exercise is a waste of time as the children are there in the school for academic activities and nothing else. For example,most Morden schools in my country do not have playing field,so young scholars do follow a routine of home - school- home and over and over again without an atom of exercise in the school curriculum and some parents as well give the offspring no chance to exercise, sharing the same ideology with the teachers. In conclusion, the importance of physical exercise can not be thrown to the corner as it is essential for both the child's mental and physical development which shows in their academic results,and such ones are more healthier than those who don't and finally, they are less likely to be obessed .
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