Although more and more people read news on the Internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news. To what extent do you agree or disagree ?

Nowadays, electronic sources of news are more famous among lots of people as compared to the traditional method of reading newspaper. I would argue that newspapers will gradually be replaced by Internet for reading news. Newspaper is the traditional method of reading news. It is still the preferred source of news for many people especially our older generation because they are used to read news from newspaper since early days of their life. Moreover, they are not familiar with the online ways of reading news because of the lack of technological knowledge. Also, newspapers attract them more as it comes with other containment additional like television guides, magazines and games like crosswords. In contrast, internet is getting popularity among young individuals for news updates as they as always equipped with gadgets at their fingertips. Secondly. They do not prefer to pay for newspaper when they already have ways to get news free of cost. As a result, printing of newspapers over time will become an unprofitable business as there will be small proportion of people willing to buy. In conclusion, newspapers will gradually be replaced with the desire to read news online. This will give a sad loss to history but it is unfortunately an unavoidable development.
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