Some people think that social skills are as important as academic qualifications. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is true that some people believe that soft skills have as critical as educational knowledge. In my opinion, I completely agree with this idea There are some reasons why having academic knowledge is necessary. Firstly, educational qualifications reflect a person’s academic background and professional experiences. It takes many years of studying and continue practicing with a range of specific subjects for students to graduate and get university qualifications. Secondly, a certain level of qualification is prerequisite for many professions. For example, it is impossible to become a doctor, teacher or lawyer without any academic knowledge. Apart from the practical benefits of university qualifications, I believe that soft skills also have benefits for people in their career pathway. A person with a variety of social skills will find it efficient and comfortable to work with others and cooperation is the key to success in many complicated tasks. In addition, the relationship with workmates enhances the efficiency in workplaces, giving people more sense of satisfaction out of their job. If people do not know how to get along with their colleagues, they will suffer from extra stress in their work. Furthermore, social skills help people to enlarge the circle of friends and enrich their lives ?. As a result, with a positive attitude towards other people, one would be able to deal with all kinds of challenges in their life or work. In conclusion, I believe that in the world people are becoming more and more interdependent, not only the academic background but also soft skills are is equally important.
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