what are the advantages and disadvantages of watching Television for children.

Nowadays, Tv is becoming one of the most popular entertainments in most families. And it is thought by some people that TV affects on people, especially childrent. I think Tv would create certain benefits but there will also be some drawbacks. On the one hand, it is clear that tv would bring about several advantages. I have to admit that watching tv is an effective way to relax. Children sometimes get studying pressure in school, they can watch some fun cartoon and movies when they feel bored or tired to alleviate stress. Besides, TV helps they can learn much more than what they studied at school. This is because kids have access to a huge variety of educational programs which might help to gain knowledge. For example, they can not only learn how to treat people living around them but also can improve their linguistic ability. On the other hand, there are some obvious disadvantages that would arise. There has been a stedady increase in the amount of inappropriate content that has been allowed to be televised. It means that television programme and advertising these day are full of graphic violence, sex scenes, among other topics that are considered unsuitable for children’s viewing and it influences a direct way on children. They have tended to copy the behaviour they see on the screen. For an instant, MoMo which is a channel youtube contains violent contents and abet kids to suicide. In conclusion, there are plus points to reduce stress after a hectic day at school and broaden their knowledge. However, the downside would emerge consequently in terms of negatively shape the views of children.
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