Many people say that universities should only offer to young students with highest marks, others say they should accept people with all ages, even if they did not do well. Discuss both views and give your opinions.

The issue of whether tertiary education should accept well-qualified students or scholars of all ages without good performance, causing some public controversy in recent years. Although choosing the students with the highest marks is prominent, my conviction is that accepting all applicants of all ages is a high priority. There are several reasons why young people with good academic results should be exclusively entitled to further education. First, to apply to the courses such as economy, science fields, students are equipped with good fundamental knowledge which are assessed by passing the examinations with flying colors. For instance, in order to a programmer whose job is to create the programs through lines of code, student certainly needs to be fluent in academic theories of algorithm, which are hastily acquired by well- qualified students. Second, young individuals or those with excellent academic backgrounds possess the skilled manpower for society to do well in any fields. This is because they take advantage of productive phase of their life so as to enhance the existing knowledge for solving any troubles in any fields. However, universities should accept all applicants of all ages and those with less remarkable performances give them a chance to go off educational institutions. From a basic human rights perspective, individuals can apply to any academic course in university as long as they fulfill the entrance requirements. Harvard university, for instance, approve the candidates if they show determination and passion in an essay. Besides, society are supplied complex human resources and gain a lot of benefits from them. In fact, it is wasted their talent potentials if being denied entry to tertiary education initially. In conclusion, although choosing the youths with highest marks is important for some, accepting all ages is crucial for most. Depending on how to contribute for community, universities should find the candidates suitably.
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