The news media have become too much influence in people lives today and this is a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is undeniable that the media has generated tremendous impacts on every aspect of our modern life without us even realizing that. However, like many other people, I believe that news media’s benefits cannot outnumber its harms for the reasons as follows. First and foremost, in order to gain profits from advertisement, the media nowadays often distorts the definition of true beauty and happiness among public audience. In consequence, a large proportion of the population is forced to alter themselves to fit in the mold of canned perfection by purchasing and goods and services that they want but actually do not need. That leads to over-consumption at global and national scales and ultimately worsens the waste issues. Secondly, most contents presented in mass media are biased and sometimes can distract the audience from the real world problems. In other words, the media often encourages the pursuit of luxurious lifestyle that requires the exploitation and consumption of substantial resources, yet ignoring the fact that these resources can be better utilized for savinge and improving e the lives of hundreds of millions of poor people struggling inn poverty and hunger across the world. On the other hand, it can be argued that news media plays the key role in bridging the gaps of races, cultures, and perspectives worldwide. Moreover, the media generates continual innovations through the update of technologies and scientific advances in all corners of the globe. In conclusion, in order to fully leverage the media’s positive potentials, it is highly essential for regulations to be developed to better monitor and address the misuse of news media. It is also important that the government should enhance the public’s capacity to become wiser audience by selecting trusted sources of information and evaluating the gained information in an objective manner.
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