Many museums charge for admission while orthers are free. Do you think the advantages of charging people for admission to museums outweigh the disadvantages?

Charging for admission in many museums has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, museums should be changed for admission for the following reasons. On the on hand, charging for museums admission brings many disadvantages. Firstly, many financially-disadvantaged people do not have enough money pay for the fees. They do not want to pay for admission because it is quite expensive compared with their budgets. Secondly, if the museums is charged for admission, many local people will not go there, as a result the number of visitor will decrease. Some local people think going to museums is unnecessary. There for, they will not have in-depth understanding of culture, local customs and tradition. For example, in many museums in Hanoi, when government start charging for admission, the number of visitors has declined, especially, local people have accounted for the major rate. It brings many negative effects for governments and country's economic itself. On the other hand, there are many advantages of charging people for admission to museums. The first reason is that it helps to increase the budget of nation. When's charging people for admission, it brings money to the government so the government has enough money to pay for maintenance, salary for staffs or refurbishment in the museums. The second reason is that it helps to develop the nation economy. Because it pushes tourism to develop, attracts many international tourists, who want to explore about the history and culture of Vietnam. For example, in many museums in Hanoi the fees for admission of international tourists is higher compared to that of local people. To sum up, I think charging people for admission is necessary. Besides, the government should charge for admission of international tourists to the museums, provides and free access to local people
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