Education, from preschool through university, should be paid for by the government and therefore free to students. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education still a debatable topic among people. Some believe that the government should be responsible for paying for the studies of all students from the first year of school. I totally agree with this view, since citizens pay high taxes and part of this, is allocated to education and therefore this should be free to all students. This essay will discuss in depth why this is the government responsibility. There are two main reasons why studies should be free for students. Firstly, the amount of taxes paid by citizens includes a portion that is dedicated to education. Therefore, this is a government obligation to pass on these values to provide studies without any cost for students. For instance, in Australia the population pays 28% of taxes and 25% of it goes to education funds. Secondly, many people require government support for living and if the education is not for free, they would not be able to complete their studies. Education is a right for everyone in society thus this should be automatically be free to anyone. For instance, according to a research in the USA 25% of the students have scholorship, since the majority of schools are private and many people can not afford to pay it. In conclusion, there is no doubt that students should have the right to study for free, since the population already pay taxes to cover education expenses, therefore, the government have to provide education for everyone from the first year at school until they graduate in the university.
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