Many people think that schools should reward students who show the best academic results, while others claim that schools should give reward to those who show improvement. Discuss these two mind

Many people are of the opinion that schools should reward students who show the best performance in their studies, whereas it claims that students with positive progress need a reward. In this essay, these two views can be discussed in-depth. On the one hand, some arguments lend support to the opinion that it is indispensable to encourage excellent students. Firstly, it is worth the incentives because these students put all their determination into studying and make relentless efforts. Secondly, diligent ones often desire to conquer prizes and do not want to be left behind by their peers; therefore, rewarding them can create a highly competitive learning environment where students are more likely to progress. Furthermore, this is a favorable opportunity to nurture gifted students, for instance, outstanding ones are annually sent to compete in the international competition. Their achievements make a significant contribution to the national sustainable prosperity. On the other hand, many believe rewarding students who make considerable progress is thoroughly reasonable. Firstly, by taking this step, school administrators express their thoughtful attention to educational psychology and provide students with equal opportunities in the learning environment. Thanks to that, instead of feeling frustrated when competing with their top classmates, they will feel motivated when their efforts are highly appreciated. Secondly, giving incentives to average students reminds people that the original purpose of learning is to acquire knowledge and how to apply it efficiently, not to achieve high scores. As a consequence, several common negative phenomena such as stress, anxiety, and cheating would reduce. In conclusion, although there are convincing arguments for both views, I hold a firm belief that schools should always encourage students whether they are the best or not.
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