In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of crime? How can we deal with those causes?

The rate of the criminal activities is growing rapidly in many areas of the world. Few of the possible reasons for such alarming rate are the poverty and the lack of an effective corrections system. The very simple and effective methods to avoid this growth are to provide the necessary education and the legal support to the people. One of the causes of the growing crimes, is the financial state of a person. Many times, a person indulges in the illegal activities to provide himself and his family basic needs, like food and water. Irrespective of the consequences, the hunger can drive anyone to any extreme. In a country like India, there are hundreds of cases registered in police stations related to theft of edible items from restaurants and the local grocery shops. Another reason, for increasing crime rate, is the incapable corrections system. Even if a person regrets the mistake done, our legal system does not provide them any support to rehabilitate themselves after serving their sentence. They do not provide them with any trainings or a means to support themselves post release. Moreover, our society does not accept them as normal people again, always looking them with a suspicion. This forces them to go on the easier path of the crime again. To solve this problem, we need to fix the basic issue of the inadequate education. Many people do not have enough skills to get a life supporting job. We should strive as a society to help both children and adults get the minimum training they need to make an earning. In addition to this, the government needs to provide the support to the convicted people in terms of the legal aid, like the rehabilitation programs and the skill trainings. This way, they feel they have a place in the world after being let out. It is observed that many drug addicts, after being through the such programs, do quit these toxic substances to live a normal life. In conclusion, the growing rate of crimes around the globe is concerning. With the financial instability and ineffective prisons being a few of the reasons for this, the changes to the education system and the support of the government can help put a blocker to this growing trend.
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