The young today spend a large amount of their leisure time in shopping centers. It is feared that this trend can bring negative influences on the youths and the society.

I agree with the premise. The explosion of the middle class resulted in a requirement for avenues where they can spend their hard earned money usually for relaxation purposes. Shopping centers are one such avenue that provide them with options to pursue latest trends, entertain themselves and utilise their leisure time. But should the time spent be regualted? Yes, the amount of time todays youth spends in the shopping centre is negatively affecting them . The mindless spending on unnessary items in order to be fashionable and in sync with the latest trends means that our youth is forgetting the value of money, and is increasingly becoming unaware of the difficulties the previous generation has faced due to the lack of hard cash. Today it has become a habit of our youths to not give any importance to understanding whether the products that they buy are worth the prices they are paying for it and whether they truly require the product that they purchase. They dont understand the diamond-water paradox. Our youths today have forgotten the value of time. Mindlessly spending a large chunk of their time window shopping or pursuing other actvities in the shopping center when it is not an requirement, our youths are not utilising their time to improve their personalites and their skills. Resulting in our youths being sheep, devoid of any personalities or transferable skills that can help them secure a comfortable future. Their leisure time would be well spent reading,painiting or engaging in sports activities. These expereinces will stay with them liftime rather than the products that the buy from the store that will not last them more than a year.
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