Obesity was once considered a disease of adults; however, it is becoming increasingly common among children. Why do you think this is happening? What can be done to help children stay healthy?

Nowadays kids are very choosy about food. Parents always tries to provide healthy food their children. According to research, in past obesity was only common in people ages above 20 years, but now it is common in small school students. In my opinion, it is due to the lots of changes occurs in living conditions. To spend a healthy life it is very necessary to eat healthy foods. Nowadays, junk food are easily available and people find it convenient for themselves. The consumers are now became habitual to have a lot of junk food especially kids due to which they have to suffer from lots of diseases because obesity is one of the risk factor of many illnesses. For example, heart disease that can occurs being overweight. Furthermore, chips, fast food and other junk food not provide any energy they are only one of the factor to make oneself sick. No doubt, children got attracted towards this kind of food because they find it tasty. Moreover, this unhealthy diet makes them internally weak, and another factor is, when they become elder they have trouble to make themselves look smart. Being overweight one can find lack of confidence and also low self-esteem. It also effect on physical activity because due to this individual get tired soon by working long hours.
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