IELTS Writing Samples Band 2.5

Many individuals argue that those who have contribute significantly to society such as teachers or scientists are much success as compared to affluent. In my opinion, those who try their better for doing something beneficial for society , can be considered actual successful because they are selifshless.
The activity I always do is listening to music. I usually listen to music in my free time, but sometimes I use it when I study or do my homework because it helps (to) reach me's full potential to thinking about this. I spent a lot of time doing this job, which makes me relax and motivated after doing something hectic or stressful. I usually listen to music with my best friends, my family, and my lover. The kind of music I always listen to as a rule like US UK, pop music, ... In short, I think I'm very happy and comfortable when listening to music because it makes me patient to do everything I want even though it is harder than ever.
Suspence trillers and crime fiction is the new cool and most loved goner by people all over the world. Hence several novels, tv series and web series are going up with some serious action and awesome story line. These are something which is being like by people recently and the reason for this is twisted, which is based on many aspects.
The line graph illustrates the comparison of the automobile robbery that happened in the four distinct regions(Great Britain, Sweden, France, and Canada) over 10 years the period from 1990 to1999. Overall, it is clear from the statistics that the great Britain was leading the pack and the rest all the nations recorded lesser crimes as compared to the great Britain.
Development in technology makes it easier for everyone to share and follow each other’s special occasions which not only taking people under one roof but also insisting them to forget about their roots.
Development in technology makes it easier for everyone to share and follow each other’s special occasions which not only taking people under one roof but also insisting them to forget about their roots.
I am writing this letter to refer Mrs Daniel for further management and advise regarding to her diet management. She is being discharge today.
In the modern society kids are more and more addressed by marketing campaigns to the extent that someone argues to prohibit them. I totally agree with this option for two main reasons.
Forecasting & analyzing the process improvement techniques leading to inventory savings of 0.5 million dollar
There is a notion that home schooling is better in a childs growth process,whereas going to school is considered a better option by some.In these essay i will explore both sides of the coin and give my opinion.
In the new world we are seeing that many people have involved in modern technology specially for using in social communication and this assay will present types of two different issues.
From my point of view, it is absurd to argue that wild animals have no place in 21st century. I believe that wild animals are a part of the earth so we have no right to allow or encourage the extinction of any species. Furthermore, there is no reason why we should let animals die out. Others say that wild animals take up a lot of land. I think it is wrong idea because there is a lot of land for us to live with wild animals.
BG STAT. There is a difference of opinion regarding accepting a non-favourable situation and accept it as it is or amending it accordingly in your favour but, personally I agree with the second idea that is changing the situation as per our convenience and thus this essay will discuss both the opinions.
The chart illustrates, one of the country export earnings between 2015 and 2016. The rates are in $billion. Further table explained percentage fluctuation in several export products in the same period.
The presented graph illustrates that in the given period, how many girls and boys went for sport in any town of England. Overall, English boys had the biggest tendency for football whereas, girls inclined to swimming. As opposed to this, both gender engage in hockey at least. With regard to the number of youngsters going for a tennis, cycling, football, hockey, boys surpassed girls who accounted for relatively 50, almost 37, 60, 16. The number of girls playing football was three times lower than boys, which figure was a little more than 20. Besides, tennis players among girls were roughly 37, hockey players were 9, which 7 persons fewer than boys and twenty girls were cyclists. T On the other hand, it was evident that the number of girls from an English town exceled boys at badminton and swimming. In both of these categories, girls were 10 persons more than boys. Thus, while fifty of the girls were swimmers, 40 were badminton players, the figures relating to the other gender were respectively 40 and 30.