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In number of countries, some people think it is assured to spend many of money on constructing or making new railway lines for fast train between cities because their are many railway and train that can still available to transport form the city to other city. People believe the money still can be spent on improving exsiting public transport.
Nowadays, the way city planners design the areas of the living for general public has been a prevailing concern for many countries. I completely believe that is national to assign individuals areas for each section like for house and office.
People debate whether euthanasia should be legal or not in modern society. Euthanasia is a way people who are experiencing pain relieve themselves. whether it's physical illness, or mental illness. Personally, I agree with the people who support legalizing euthanasia. I support euthanasia because I think it's more painful to live for people that want to die.
Although such topics in all likelihood never yield a consensual agreement, a constructive dialogue on various people say that distance learning is a quick and effective way to study can lead to thought provoking discussions. My view is that, irrespective of the numerous arguments that exist on other side, distance learning programs can never be as good as courses taken in person.
most of ready_made meals and fridge_foods have preservatives and chemical materials.these foods are very dangerouse for health, as well as it cousing fat because almost these foods are fatty_food due to their callories.
Subject related to art, like drawing or painting are playing a crucial role in the growth of a child, as a result, high schools should let student learn as an obligation class. This author disagrees with the statement because art depend more on talent and to relieve stress among students.
There is no doubt that these days criminal activity has become more common than ever by any chance from adult or young people.there is different type of punsihmeant and it deepinds on the craim it self.
There is no doubt that these dayes sports became more popular than ever,and can be seen from every where specially kids and children's .on tv or social medie,network and even in a life ground like schools l or after schools club.
As far as the situation of collecting the wastes is getting worse and worse, the goverment must solve this problem by some politics, which I will mention them in this article.
Nowadays, there are a lot of e-books. They're growing up between teenagers and school pupils. In their opinion, it is more suitable than paper books. But paper books are better for me. Because that's enjoyable. In addition, e-books can be harmful to the eyes.
A lot of people think that living nuclear family is good. In my opinion big family is a better .Many parents don't time for children but grandparents pay attention due to grandma have a lot of time
On the one hand, both a small family and a large family have good and bad sides. For example if you live in a small family, you feel free and if you want to do something, no one can destroy you. A small family also spends less money. Take as example,you live in a small family, due to the small amount of people in the family, you spend less money on buying food and clothes than in a large family.But living in a small family has its own downsides. If you live in a small family, you will move away from people, because of this, your relationship with your relatives and friends may deteriorate.
TV is one of the most popular gadget to use nowadays , it provide information and entertainment . Many people now wether it's children ,adults and even elderly enjoy watching television.
It is argued that students have to learn art due to its compact on kid's growth up. This writer has a clearly point that creative classes should be optional, therefore schools ought to concentrate more on student's talent and hobbies.
Needless to say that public sites have massive noise. This trend can be ascribed to a number of reasons. However, it must be addressed by definite actions.
There is no doubt that developing street construction and public transport plays an effective role in the Progress of the country. Moreover, both thoughts is necessary to prove the improvement of the country . Which one of those views is more important ?, and how can we improve it ? this essay will discuss both views.
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