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Newspapers and books has played a major role in peoples lives since early as we can remember.For Centuries people have been various types of reading material but none of them have been able to replace books or Newspapers.However in the recent past, With Covid 19 Pandemic people searched for other options and touchless options were favorite and found more healthy as even a touch could have prevented a life threat.
Most of people thinks that women and men are same rights. They are able to do any kind of job that they want. However, others assume that men and women are not same that is why there are certain jobs that women can't do it
Always prevention is better than cure. Prevention helps us to protect disorders and diseases. Researching and treating diseases is also preventative measures to avoid major things.
On the one hand, the aged population are advised to engage themselves even after attaining retirement age, in order to have financial independence and be physically active. Firstly, this is the age to take a break and enjoy the remaining life, however, monetary support creates hurdles. Some countries have a pension schemes for that age group and some do not have such facilities, in the later case, to earn their bread and butter they depend on their self-income source. For example, in the country like India, where no such retirement benefit is provided by authorities, people used to work during their retirement age.
The contrubution of material possesions are very useful in bringing us happiness to human society is visible to everyone. Nowadays, humans are dependent on mercy of science, houses and business. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and come to a logical conclusion
The bar charts show the kilometres of individual transport every year in six European countries and provide information about the amount of time with commutation each day.

Overall, the average of traveling distance for Europeans by automobiles is greater than those by bus, train, metro and bike. In addition, the commuting time in those nations are under one hour every day.

The number of kilometres for people who travel in Denmark by taking any transport took the lead, which was around 12500 by car, and 3000 by public transport or bike. In contrast, France saw the greatest difference in the annual travel distance, which was at 12000 by car and only one-tenth by other transportation.
The graph shows us types of PH changing trends connected to the consumption of different sweet food. Here we can see the description of 3 types of sweet food: honey, fruit and cane sugar.
Have you ever think about problems of living in a foreign country that you have to speak to a new language? It is obvious that it may cause a lot of practical and also social problems.
The flow chart describes the various processes that occur from start to end for the manufacturing of finished pots. The overall procedure has twelve stages that can be summarized as extracting and preparing the clay, shaping the clay to pot and heating it and finally adding color to it.
In the future, most of the dailly activities including schooling and occupations would be done on a computerized system. Some argue that promoting youngsters to be with technology from their childhood, by allowing them to compete in computer games, interact in social media and view online content would give a head start, while others believe it has far adverse consequences. I am in complete agreement with the later group.
The diagrams give us an understanding of the labour market's picture in different employment sectors of the Republic of Freedonia.
The better team made me complacent occurred at high- school period. It was a group which constitutes some sort of mentally high and medium powerful members. In addition, our team’s performance seems to be quite fabulous due to the fact that every representative defers each other’s response toward the instructor’s question and eventually we come to the conclusion. I have an inordinate pile of contribution to the team by giving true inputs to the majority of questions. The mysterious point behind the scenario proves to be that our team is really satisfactory because we have explicit goals. To be succinct, our team’s goal seems to be the same which is getting excel others by achieving the expected point. Moreover, the important thing I am frightening in this semester appears to be having a team member who literally disregards toward the project. I hope I will not only crack to motivate our team members, but also accomplish the task undertaken by myself corresponding to the task achievement. For example, if a team member has a question with regard to the specific task, he or she can feel free to ask it through our WhatsApp group. As a team member, I will try to circumvent lack of conversation which drags the team into breakdown.
The charts demonstrated the quantity of the participants who took part in the Olympics from 1924 to 2014. Overall, the number of athletes entering the Olympics increased considerably since it began. In addition, there were always more men than women, however, the gap narrowed significantly as the numbers of female participants throughout the years.
It is true that children are under extremely pressure in todays' life compared to young people in the past. The impending essay will discuss the same with a logical conclusion.
Nowadays with the advancement in technologies and daily upgrading social media, celebrities’ life is easily reachable to us. We can see their daily routines, their lifestyle, their thoughts, and their whereabouts on the internet. Due to which we feel very much connected to our favourite celebrity. It also helps celebrities to get the fame and audience. As we all know fame brings both benefits and problems. One side it feels great to become a star of a Bollywood movie other side it is task to handle the rumors about yourself. One side it feels great to see the crown getting mad over to take one photograph with you, other side the same crowd can harm you. According to me, it brings more benefits than problems. If a person can learn on how to handle the fame and problems, he/she can take out more benefits of it. For example, In an episode of Koffee with Karan where the guests were the Indian cricketers Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul. They both went into the controversy for saying too much, which created the problem for of them as a celebrity. As they say great powers comes with great responsibilities. Being a celebrity is a benefit when handled responsibly.
I used to work as a part-time employee at one office. The problem I can observe is the organization’s ability to adopt the technology in use for their work. For example, the organization chose to operate its tasks by using manual methods instead of applying software or technology for their work. I know this is a problem because it will be leading to a lack of accuracy in tasks, a lack of speed in customer management, and confusion among their workers because using manual methods may cause different outcomes sometimes. This problem is important because it hinders the ability of the organization to improve their organization to provide to the customers in order to increase their market sales of the organization and gain trust from the customers to use the service from the organization.
Caribbean islands, one of the most visited place in the world. The graph describes tourists visits in this part of the world from 2010 to 2017.
The illustrations demonstrate the comparison of Science Park in 13 years. Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that some park areas have been altered for the purpose of education, research and development over years.
In my opinion, job satisfaction is more important than big salary. Whereas salary affects the life style, the job satisfaction directly influences the entire life. The life is worth being happy so one should do what s/he loves to do.
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