The main reason people go to work is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is often thought that people work primarily to earn income. This essay disagrees with this view. This essay shall explain the fact that people also work in order to be respected and also to render service to humanity. One of the reasons why many people work is to earn the respect of other people. People want to be perceived as achievers by other people. One of the ways they can earn other people's respect is by being gainfully employed . For example, people tend to look down on jobless people and regard them as indolent people who do not want to work. Additionally, when people have a place where they work, there need for self esteem is usually met and they feel fulfilled about attaining the peak of their potential. Another reason why people commit themselves to working in an organisation is to serve humanity. They want to be part of something that can be of benefit to the world at large. For example, although mother Theresa was not paid for the service she rendered in Calcutta, she was committed to the service of providing a home for the orphan children. Thus, some people work just to be part of something that will bring a smile to many faces. In conclusion, this essay has discussed how the need to be valued and serve others are other reasons why people work. I am presently volunteering at a non governmental organisation where they are not paying me but I feel greatly satisfied to be of help to humanity
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