some people believe that no one should be allowed to continue working after the age of 65. However, others say there shouldn’t be a limitation on the age and anyone should be allowed to work regardless of their age. Discuss both views and give an opinion.

Although it is believed by some that everybody at the age of 65 is not permitted to be laboring, others consider that there should not be any age limit to people who are employed. In my opinion, while it is good that working age ought to be abolished since the jobs help them to keep fit physically and psychologically, I think retiring at 65 years would afford them time to rest and to pursue other dreams. On the one hand, continuing to work without age barrier would often guarantee the soundness of body and mind. In other words, when a person is used to working in a particular company say an engineer or a marketer, these jobs naturally demand moving u and down, from one location to the other, these movements keep these people fit and also emotionally healthy. But, if they are made to stop working, it could frequently pose as a threat to their health because they are not used to staying idle; hence, they would need to keep working. Also, the financial needs of these people might stand as another avenue as to why they have to have to continue with their jobs despite the age. On the other hand, some people including myself support the notion that retirement at the age of 65 is vital as it would give these people time for relaxation and also the chase after other ambitions. When a person starts working sometimes at an early age, he/she would have forfeited so many other aspirations in other to focus on the particular job. However, such persons deserve some free time away from those jobs so as to do fun things. For example, touring round the world, as well as going after other goals in life such as setting up a new business, or starting a charity organization. Furthermore, these people leaving their jobs at age 65 years gives room for employment of new people into civil service. In conclusion, even though allowing people to work without age restrictions seems beneficial for their health, I feel retiring at 65 years is crucial because of leisure, provides occasionally the establishment of new business and opportunity for absorption of new employees.
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