Some people think that the media have to right to publish detail of people’s view, while other thinks it should be controlled. Discuss both views.

While some persons assumed that media have right to publish detail of their private view other thinks that it should be controlled. In the following paragraphs both views are discuss. First and predominant reason is motivation. Media share celebrities those things that are good for community. So that these materials have a great impact on our youngster and this information are helpful for us. For instance publish that points those are related with our nation. There are many NGO’s who always ready for help the needy persons .They always ready to help for all religions and countries and there this dedication remove the discrimination. If there work share through media then people now about them and youth will motivate from them that improve the moral values and ethics of the boys and girls. Furthermore it is the main cause of crime. Mostly individuals share their personal life through social media for fame. Sometime its wrong impact on our new generation because mostly criminal hack their accounts and stolen their photos and other important documents. Therefore they are blackmail by those criminals and demand for money. When people did not fulfill their demands then theft edit their photos and share in different sites that effect on the life of youngster. In conclusion I ecapulates that famous personalities attached with our nations via good thinking. I agree to media have right to share the personal life of specific persons not at all’s and share important and meaningful data of famous persons who should motivate our youth and impact on nation’s development in well manners.
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