More children in developed countries are becoming overweight. This is a serious problem for wealthy countries. Discuss some causes and effects of this problem. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

One difficult issue well-developed countries face today is majority of people are developing obesity at very young age. I am going to present reasons and results of being overweight. There are various causes that contribute to this problem. Firstly, children who develop unhealthy food habits are at a greater risk of getting obesity. Secondly, the evolution of smart phones and televisions is making children to addict to them and as a result they are not involved in physical labor. Lastly, heredity is also playing a major role in developing obesity in family members. Being obese leads to numerous health issues which include cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, spine problems, etc. which decreases the life expectancy rate. There are disastrous implications posed by this problem to the developed countries where people retire earlier in their middle age. Consequently, public and private sector corporations are facing tremendous challenges in retaining senior talent in service and thereby decrease in GDP. To conclude, overweighed children develop health-hazardous issues which indirectly affect the nations growth.
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