Reading is more educational than watching videos or TV. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is frequently argued that reading is more educative than learning through videos or TV shows. This essay totally disagree that reading is more effective learning than videos and will explain why videos are a good source of educational resources. Reading so far is the most traditional source of learning and many parents prefer that their children read a book than watching TV. This is a misunderstanding of TV shows and how children can benefit from it. There are a variety of channels that is destinate for education, whether for school subjects or to teach them to use their creativity. For instance, Disney Channel has TV programs according to age group with content to dedicated to school subjects. In addition, they provide DY channels that is for those that want to create objects and develop creative skills. Moreover, online videos are a great asset for adults to help to educate children. Many educational companies and schools have been updating their content in their online channels to make students studying after shcool. For example, public schools in Australia have their own Youtube channel to update lessons, so if the student miss a class they still can check the video with useful information. Therefore, this will help students to be aware of the classes content. In conclusion, reading still one of the most popular educative means for education. However, there are a plant of online videos and TV programs that are able to provide great learning content that is useful in the processing of educational.
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