These days, a lot of people have their own computers and mobile. It has become quite easy do job from home. Do you think, it has more advantages and disadvantages to do work from home? I

In this contemporary era, Smartphones and Computers are becoming increasingly popular. Majority of the individuals have their own mobile phones with this they can easily do several work that related with different jobs. I believe that doing trade on computers at residence there are more cons rather than pros. I will examine both benefits and drawbacks in the upcoming paragraphs. On the one hand, there are two benefits of doing work on electronic gadgets from house. One advantage is that it saves the time because if majority of the individuals doing trade on laptops from residence then they do not require commute one place to another place. Moreover, with the help of smartphones they can easily do work without any disturbance and escape from traffic problems. For instance, in the developed countries such as United Kingdom, America and Australia mostly do work on internet from home. Hence, doing function on Laptops or Cell phones at abode enhance their capability. On the other hand, no doubt there are various advantages to do job on internet from home, however it has myriad demerits for individual. Firstly, if people work at home and they do not go to office then promotion can be overlooked as their presence missing in office. Secondly, it reduces the relationship due to mostly masses spend time on electric devices because of that they do not communicate with other person so that they feel isolated. Thus, work at residence on computer has negative impact on professional life and mental health. In conclusion, although there are several benefits to working at home but it has more disadvantages as compared to benefits because it effects to personal and professional life of individuals.
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