Some people think that using mobile phone and computers has a negative effect on young people 's reading and writing skills .to what extended do you agree or disagree?

While using devices for reading and writing are influence young people life .It has some pragmatic issue however some uncooperative issue. I would discuss both view in following paragraph. Firstly, gadgets have some positive sides. These device are convenient because it is less time consuming and result provider easily. Moreover everyone can sent message one country to another in few minutes . written process take long time . Through digital media one print can be sent to thousand people easily which is helpful for everyone . Contrary above to the statement it have few negative effect on teenager .if youth use only technology gadgets for study and writing then they destroy their basic education skill .it reduce the value of handwriting as well as creativity. In addition these appliance are feeling less and it does not express the human emotion. it describe person feelings by smiley .it is not part of formal pattern of writing . Furthermore this media have keyboard checker which correct the wrong spelling and correct them it is adverse for students .they do not learn correct word when they given exam or any written task then they face difficulties . The last but not thing is that technology gadgets are expensive some people can not afford. In the conclusion modern devices have some positive and negative aspect in equal measures. Toady technology is important however basic skill is also more necessary .
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