Genetic engineering for both medical and agricultural purposes is causing increasing amount of controversy. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering and explain your opinion.

In recent years, as technology has developed, genetic engineering has become one of the most popular scientific fields to research. Its advancement and activity has many benefits, however it also has some downsides. While being purpose for health and agriculture, genetic engineering could affect on both sectors significantly. On the one hand, genetic research has many advantages. Firstly, in order to improve our lives, the idea of genetic changes was brought by scientists. Their purposes of using genetic engineering are to improve humans and our environment, so our lives could be better. Secondly, scientists can influence on the agricultural system and improve it. As a result, there would be more food and less hungry people in the world. Lastly, with genetic engineering, we can achieve the better future. Altering genes in the humans and plants, we can create people who could be resistant to diseases or plant that could grow bigger. On the other hand, genetic engineering could bring us many problems. To begin with, it is not clever to mess up with the nature and change it. Scientists are not aware of effects that genetic altering could have on our environment. What is more, the nature has its own life cycle and we should not change it just for our improvements. Furthermore, people could take advantage of genetic engineering and some wrong actions could bring negative consequences. In conclusion, the statement has positive and negative effects. In my opinion, people should be careful with genetic engineering and take in consideration all pros and cons that it could bring in our future.
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