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In recent years, as technology has developed, genetic engineering has become one of the most popular scientific fields to research. Its advancement and activity has many benefits, however it also has some downsides. While being purpose for health and agriculture, genetic engineering could affect on both sectors significantly.
Genetic engineering is one of the many controversial issues which is subjected to discussions on many international forums.It has brought about revolution in many sectors of our lives, but it has some serious drawbacks and as a result, some people are in favour of this practice while others argue against it.Although, genetic engineering can be potentially dangerous if it is done without any restrictions and regulations, but I believe it has more advantages than disadvantages.
There is no doubt, that the modern world is very developed, and it is not stay at one place. Nowadays, people searching many ways to make our lifes more easier and more convenient. To begin with, the idea of growing the natural fruits and vegetables become an old fashioned one, the modern trend is to make them with genetic engineering process.
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