People living in large cities face several problems. What are these problems? Should governments encourage people to move to smaller towns?

Residents of urban cities come across wide range of problems in day to day life such as water scarcity, traffic and so on. I do strongly agree that government on its part government should cheer people spreading out to decongest the urban areas. Firstly with whopping number of people moving to metros, natural resource scarcity is deepening everyday thereby directly influencing the cost of living and stress levels. Research in Capital city by Delhi Metropolitan Development Board in India shows fresh water which was freely flowing years back, were now sold at a price. Coupled with increased use of automobiles and construction activities, pollution has spiraled to new heights leading to erratic weather changes. A bitter outcome is that clean air is now being packaged and sold. Furthermore this is turn, affects both green environment and human well-being as noticeable with increased spending on medications and drugs. Thus governments should aid dispersing the high density in urban areas. This can be done by providing incentives and encouraging to pick jobs locally. One such good initiative was taken by Australian government by cutting down taxes on income generated in remote locations and also by providing scholarships for opting distance educations. To conclude, benefits of living in large cities are undeniable but it has its own drawbacks. I do believe its the responsibility of the government to look after the people's welfare. Successful migration depends on availability of right opportunities and facilities.
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