some people believe that travelling alone really benefits in learning countrie's culture and experience while others believe it is better to travelling with someone you know.Discuss both views and share your opinion.

It is often argued among individuals that travelling by along is more beneficial for getting knowledge about culture and experience of country.However,other school of people are in favour of travelling with known person.I agree with latter view.I will elucidate firstly,how alone travelling make more confident and secondly, why travelling with friend is beneficial. To commence with,without any shade of doubt travel another countries are being hobbies of people because they can get new experience as well as knowledge of culture There are some reasons why people prefer to travel alone.Firsly,it makes more confident.To put it simple,when people are travelling by theirselves they have to handle all situation in their own way because there will no one available to help.Therefore,they become more confident.Furthermore,they can get experience by making new friends while communicating with others.Additionally,they will feel comfort and free from any kind of tension of someone else. Moreover,they could not face face any issue over there by travelling alone. Nevertheless, there are copious of reasons why companion is important while journey. The prominent is,it makes not only easy but safer journey also.In also mole words,if any traveller lost in strange place then another person help to find a way back of their destination.Furthermore, in any case if person is travelling in car then it will easy to change each other to drive when another is spent off.What is more,alone one never enjoy the trip because they could not express the feelings with strangers. Thus,two people can share all the expense with each other and also they can take care of each other which make them happy and comfortable during journey. To conclude, above all the views are evidence that both ways of travelling has their own advantages.Although alone travellers can feel more confident yet,company of other person make easy and safe journey.In my perspective, travelling with known pension is more beneficial rather than being alone.
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