Some people believe that governments should spend on new public buildings, such as libraries and museums, rather than renovating old buildings. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

We live in materialistic world. In this modern era it is important to preserve our culture as well our historical buildings. Some people believe that it is very important to government should spend more money for new construction. However, other claim that government should more pay on historical building. I will discuss both the view in my following paragraphs. First and foremost, people should recognize that government should invest their money to construct new building, such as libraries, museums and some other. Because day by day pollution is increasing and it requires more new places for the studies, refreshments and some other. To illustrate this point, I would like to mention that in India government should build many facilities for the public. Due to that folk live better life compare to past. As an example, Indian government build new schools, public toilets, new railway station and some other. So that people connect with others as well. Emphasizing on the other point of view, these are numberous arguments in the support of the idea that maintain our mounments, buildings, museums and other is also important. These are also an essential part of increase the economy of any country. As we all know, ‘each and every cloud has it’s silver lining’. A specific example of this is that India had ‘The Taj Mahal.’ which one is very well. India earn handsome income from it and attracts the people whole over the world. In essence taking everything into account, I pen down saying that, this is a topic which raises strong passions on both sides of arguments.
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