Online education is becoming more and more popular. Some people claim that e-learning has so many benefit that it will replace face - to - face education. Others say that traditional education is irreplaceable. Discuss both view and give your opinion.

In this flat world, with the development of technology, opportunities are broaden in many fields, especially in education. The appearance of online education have opened a whole new world for international students and several people claim that e learning will replace face to face education. Others believe that traditional education is irreplaceable. However, in my opinion, both of methods still need to exist to support each other With regard to first opinion, I totally agree that e learning has many advantages. First of all, online learning is time – saving and cost – efficient for students. Students can learn anywhere and anytime they want. It is very convenient and flexible. They can also reduce some costs such as rent, real estate, facilities or location cost. Moreover, learning via internet helps them have open access to knowledge sources across the world. For instance, student all over the world now can have opportunities to learn some online course of Harvard University. Finally, e learning has benefits for teachers as well. They can keep track of each student performance and provide persona life training. It helps teachers have an overview of each student’s study performance Besides, it can not be deny that face to face education has an integral role in education. Firstly, traditional learning method has more interaction than online learning. In a little detail, student can ask anything they do not understand and teacher can give them feedback immediately or can fix their mistakes. Therefore, student have more motivation to study hard. Other than that, student also build their new relationship or widen their networking for future careers. It also helps students sharpen their skills. Moreover, while e learning requires student high self – awareness, face to face education have enough inspiration for student to focus on their study In general, both learning methods has their pros and I believed that these learning techniques should be blended. For example, student study face to face with their teachers and then they can do their homework online. There are many apps they can use to do and check homework such as Google classroom. It is very convenient In conclusion, neither online education nor face to face education should be rejected. They need to be combined and support each other to maximize results in education.
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