Young people in the modern world seem to have more power and influence than any previous young generation. Why is this the case? What impact does this have on the relationship between old and young people? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

It is said that in a hyper-connected world, technological achievements has made millennials and mini-millennials in today’s society more influential and powerful than youngsters in the past. This essay will discuss three main reasons as to why this happens and consider possible impacts that young and old generations many have in their relationship. There are manifold factors which may contribute to the increasing roles of the young in society. Firstly, as a matter of fact, with the rapid growth of new digital media technologies, such as the Internet, youngers have more choices and opportunities to communicate, share ideas, goals with people globally, offering many favorable conditions for them to develop to their full potential. Secondly, the young in the modern world are received more attention from their parents and communities right from the early stage due to the increase in the living standards and people’s awareness. It can be explained by the fact that, for instance in Vietnam, a large proportion of family now have only one or two children as opposed to five or seven as it was in early previous century. Therefore, most parents now want to nurture their children with the optimal conditions. Lastly, the recent competitions at the workplace have been getting fiercer than the previous years. In order to take a competitive advantage, youngsters need to show as much academical prowess as possible to employers. Perhaps this will create a negative impact on the relationship between the young and old groups, and the worst one stemming from this is the distant relationship with, and even disrespectful behavior for the old generation. This can be seen in the way that many millennials may ignore and reject advice from old experienced persons who are thought to be out of date and obsolete. In conclusion, being received greater investment in education and more attention from family and community, juniors are now able to master up-to-the-minute technologies better and quicklier than seniors. However, youngsters should always respect the elder people and maintain a harmonious relationship with them for a better society.
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