Many governments think that economic progress is either mot important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion

People have different views about the quality of a country. Though some government assumed the most essential achievement is economic growth, I tend to support the idea that many aspects in life also equal position. There are no doubts that economic progress plays an important role of a nation. One of the main reasons is that in nation progress needs a strong finance which could supply to create basic infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, transportation and accommodation. For instance, almost all countries in Europe have good economy that leads to their citizens have sufficient materials for live. Meanwhile, in Africa a lot of countries in developing process are struggling to give their people opportunities to break out of hunger and poverty. As we know, the goal of many nations is providing great livelihood, excellent conditions for life of people, strong economy could guarantee for people’s lives at a certain extent. On the other hand, there are existing many other factors that government should carefully take into account besides economic progress. In many cases, the spiritual life of people could be affected in both direct and indirect ways. Take traditional music as an example, people nowadays are chasing modern music and ignoring old types music of previous generation. Therefore, government should pay attention to remain other customs, culture including traditional music. Furthermore, standard of lives also incredibly important like educational system, quality of food and habitat that could have impacts on longevity of citizens. Additionally, if we focus too much on economic growth then neglect other things that might be among way. For example, people are exploiting natural resources in a massive scale such as unlimited deforestation, hunting that contribute to shorten if warning, create extreme disaster. In conclusion, economic growth could bring as a lot of benefits. However, there are many factors that government should consider before taking action.
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