Many governments think that economic progress is either mot important goal. Some people, however, think that other types of progress are equally important. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion

In today’s society, there are many authorities who believe that the economic development is vital in their countries. Meanwhile, the others argue that different genre of progress are equality crucial. In my opinion, I concur with the idea that both of the views are the most imperative to the development of a country. First of all, the economic progress may avoid the rate of unemployment. Due to the fact that when the economic raises, the job demands will grow, people will get a chance to find their jobs. Therefore, this advantage can alleviate the number of unemployment people. Secondly, a country will reach the development of other modern countries owing to the economic progress. Because of the improvement of economic, people can expand the business marketing not only in domestic but also in other regions. This leads to the fact that people can meet and exchange with foreign countries. On the other hand, the other type of progress such as culture progress is as vital as economic progress. When a country develops their culture, not only the people in that country improve their behaviours but also they can get the respect of foreign people. Additionally, the administrators can make relationships with other authorities to find the ways to improve their nations. For instance, Vietnam made an appointment with US president Donald Trump to develop their conscious relationships. To sum up, I consider that the economic and other genres of progresses are really important for the sustainable development of a country.
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