Marriages are bigger and more expensive nowadays than in the past. Why is this the case? Is it a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, weddings have become larger and more high-end compared to the past. In this essay, I will clarify why this is happening, also, I will state my opinion that this development is disadvantageous. A lot of people consider marriage to be an exceedingly important decision in their lives. As a result, they devote too much attention to their wedding owing to the fact that this occasion happens once only in lifetime. Consequently, event planners and people who participate in arranging weddings try to take full benefit from this way of thinking, and they try to overcharge the couples who are planning to get married. For instance, a recent poll, conducted by the German government, revealed that the vast majority of people do not mind paying a tremendous amount of money to celebrate their marriage. This development has many drawbacks. First of all, not all people can afford the fees needed to celebrate their wedding. For example, residents of some villages in African countries do not have jobs with good salaries. Therefore, they are not able to plan expensive weddings. In addition, when people pay a lot of attention to weddings, they make marriage lose its meaning. This is because when one focuses more on their financial aspect, they forget why they were in relationships at the first place. In conclusion, despite the fact that a lot of people over-rate weddings in term of importance, I believe the people should focus more on their marriage and its meaning not weddings.
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