Modern lifestyles mean that many parents have little time for their children. Many children suffer because they do not get as much attention from their parents as children did in the past.

In today’s fast paced urban lifestyle, guardians find it difficult to make time for their kids. This causes a significant emotional pain to the children considering the lack of love & attention given to them. I firmly agree with the statement and imply the same in my essay below. It is a common practice in present generation for both parents to be working individuals in order to cover the expenses of raising a child. This is to ensure that the child’s needs are fulfilled. Unfortunately, the guardians get so engaged in providing the materialistic needs of a child that they tend to forget the emotional needs. For instance, hardworking parents purchases all the latest technology gadgets for their child as the trend requires. This makes the child more dependent on the gadget that he or she forgets the interaction of parents. This is a silent issue which pushes the child more towards a device-dependable living rather than a family-based. Another scenario which is also a seen widely in recent times, is the dependency of kids on their nanny or babysitter. With long working hours and the inability of leaving their young kids alone at home, parents hire fulltime nannies or babysitters to look after their children. Evidently, kids get more attention from an individual which is not their parent and will grow to view their caretakers as their actual parents. On the other hand, parents assume that their kids have all the attention they need from their babysitter and they just need to pay the bills for life to move on. This misconception of parents causes a significant gap between the family. Concluding on a solid consideration that modern living is the main factor of parents unable to implement a loving atmosphere for their children. Parents must interact more with their loved ones to make sure that all aspects of life are fulfilled, not just materialistic.
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