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Parents play a vital role in child's development . Parent's are the first teacher of the child . Children are pliable and it is upto parents to mold them well and help them to lead a well-settled Lifestyle . In the era o
In this new era, new generation's ancestors have no time for their kids to track them for betterment. It is true that new technologies are totally responsible for this behaviour. And, it is also valid that a child barro
It is true that contemporary society makes individuals being busier than in the past. Therefore, parents do not have much time for their kids. I completely agree with this notion and will give many reasons below.
Many children undergo trauma by not getting enough focus from their parents. Back in time, parents spent sufficient time with their children to ensure they were satisfied and did not undergo any issues. But in this era a
Nowadays both parents are working for the child and to survive in society. And unable to spend proper time with kids therefore the child gets away from the love of parents. I strongly agree with the statement because m
Nowadays the world becomes more developed than before‚ to the extent that kids start losing the connection with their family‚ and focusing on the virtual world‚ a lot of parents do not make specific date for their childr
There is no doubt that these days the modern lifestyle plays a vital role in our lives. It is often considered that a lot of children suffer and do not get full care from their parents due to not having enough time with
In the current lifestyle, most guardians are working professionals hence they do not have sufficient time to spend with their children, because of that, many pupils have been faced less attention by their parents while c
many people argue that contemporary society makes people being busier than in the past leading to they don`t have much time for their kids ,whereas others suppose children get less attention for their parents. Therefore
Hey, Guzal, you missed a snowflake!’ said my friend, who had already caught 5 of them. The nurse called us and we returned to the kindergarten to have an ecology talk where we were told about the problem of the Aral sea
Nowadays people are living in the modern society which countless activities that they do in their daily life. Meanwhile, family activities sometimes do not get much priority including nurturing the children. In my opinio
Nowadays, it's common to meet parents extremely occupied with a busy life that result in less time to be with their family. Who suffers the consequences of this lifestyle is their children, since their relatives couldn't
In today’s rapidly changing world, parents have less time to spend with their offspring, which may lead to a deterioration in children’s mental and physical health. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this point of view
As the society develops, many parents have reduced their time with their children, which results in the increasing amount of mental dissatisfaction among the kids compared to the past. From my perspective, I strongly agr
Nowadays parents are busier in their professional life and spend very less time with their children's. Because of this many pupils are suffering from various issues. The youngsters of the modern generation are facing mo
The currently prevailing lifestyle trends clearly imply that many parents spend a short span of time with their children. Hence, a majority of children suffer because they lack the attention which they received in the pa
Modern lifestyle is one of the big issues in this century. Since lifestyle has been changed and job tasks are very demanding, our attention to children has been diminished. Therefore, it is very common to see children th
In recent decades, the rapid increase in labour force participation has dramatically affected the childcare moment by parents. I completely disagree with this view and will give my reasons below.
In recent decades, the rapid increase in labor force participation has dramatically affected the child-care time of parents. I completely disagree with this view and will give my reasons below.
These days, children’s lack of intensive care of parents compared to the past has been receiving a great deal of public attention. Some people suppose that this variation has important repercussions on kids, I strongly a
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