TOPIC : Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. Why it happened? Solutions?

It is identified that lots of ex-prisoners carry on breaking laws after going to a jail the first time. There are several reasons can be put forward to explain this phenomenon, and many solutions should be proposed to constrain these issues. There are two primary reasons why ex-convicts would commit again after being imprisoned. One reason is that it is started by poverty and unemployment after serving the punishment because many employees take them into consideration that it’s so hard to let them start working perhaps such people are afraid that these prisoners may go back the previous road and turn to crime. Besides, a lot of people still have a misconception about them so they are able to be isolated out of society. They will not have the chance of integrating with other people so they don’t have the capability to find a job which causes they can’t afford the basic necessities of life. Another reason is that they prone to stimulate offending more times by bad individuals who drag them to continue making a mistake. However, measures must be taken by the government and everyone to change this problem. First, government increase the opportunity to transcend barriers to public and live in harmony with everyone such as authority figures can take them to school or college to talk to individuals especially teenagers about the dangers of committing a crime and what the life in prison going on? in order to decrease the number of criminals. Therefore, it can dispel the misconceptions about them. Secondly, the lawbreakers must have self-conscious to avoiding committing again and obeying the bad instigation. In conclusion, there are many prisoners continue committing after being imprisoned is a serious concern of everyone but if we work together, we can address this problem bet
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