Medical professionals such as doctors and nurses from poorer countries often migrate to richer countries to world. What PROBLEMS ARISE FROM THIS SITUATION? What Measures can be taken to deal with it?

Migration for work is common amongst medical professionals. Doctors and nurses relocate from third world to first world countries to progress in their fields. This essay will discuss the problems associated with this trend, namely; the decrease in qualified doctors in their home countries, and the increase in competition for jobs in their destination country. In addition to this, possible solutions will be suggested ,such as, salary modification and introduction of government schemes to improve medical systems. There are numerous issues associated with the migratory trend of people working in the health sector. Firstly, due to the rise in migration from poorer nations, there is a marked rise in deterioration of health services in the richer countries. This is due to the fact that there are less doctors to cater to the people’s needs. For example, in 2014 Khartoum's Ministry Of Health released data of it having the fourth worse healthcare in Africa, furthermore, itvhas one of the highest migratory rates amongst doctors in the world, Secondly, more developed countries have a higher influx of applicants. Thus resulting in an overload in medical professionals. A good example of this is the NHS. In 2019 alone, 2,000 Health professionals were put on waiting lists for 9 months until an adequate placement was found. Overall, this trend is detrimental for both host and recipient. However, these obstacles can be tackled through many different approaches. A call for governments is needed to increase the salaries of these workers and provide better working conditions for their determined medical force. This can be done through the reallocation of government funds to the health sector. If they have higher earnings, they may be tempted to stay in their home countries. In addition to this, another solution is to limit the year a migrant can work abroad up to 5 years. With rules to withdraw practicing licenses if the time limit is surpassed. This way, they are forced to remain in their homeland. Although these laws would take time and commitment to be implemented, they are fundamental to solving these issues. In conclusion, despite the many complications with regards to medical worker’s resettlement overseas, there is without a doubt many means of solving them.
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