Some say that sports play an important role in society. Others, however, think that it is nothing more than a leisure activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

World Cup, the most explosive football festive, undeniably cheers up the a large number of supporters all over the world every four year. Sports have been proved to entertain people in many ways, however, some people claim that a little contribution to social development is subject to the athletic activities. From my perspectives, I do believe that both social and recreational benefits are attributed to sports. On the one hand, not only physical training but also mental development do the sports offer players. Long-lasting working hours bring people about much aggressiveness and tiredness, which requires them to resort entertainment activities so as to wind down. For instance, after various nights of burning the midnight oil for exams, male students usually excitedly take part in football matches, which either temporarily get them away from educational pressures or enhance their fitnesses. Furthermore, not only by directly participating the sports, does enjoying them through screens also induce tremendous red-letter moments between individuals. The widespread coverage of television enables most people to watch live games and share their emotions stream to others, from which mutual sharing and interaction among people are reinforced. More importantly, social awareness of athletic merits together with community bondings are indisputable advantages of sports. Those who are greatly involved in sport activities are proved to be healthier, which is a driving factor for their relatives and friends to take up the sports as well. Besides, sports also work wonders for social gathering regardless of the teams spectators support for. Only by shouting and cheering for their favorite teams, have spectators recorded their emotionally positive behaviors. For instance, Vietnamese football spectators made deep impressions on global press on the back of cordially vibrant cheering for U23 team's victories on 2018. In conclusion, sports provide not only relaxation for individuals but also educationally propagandist benefits. I do reckon that a healthy individual who participate in regular exercises is a useful citizen for healthily social development.
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