What factors contribute to the success of a movie?

It is easy to assume that only a good story makes for a good movie. But that isn’t necessarily the case, in my opinion. A movies success is determined by various other factors ranging from direction, production, acting, editing, script, etc., factors which if left ignored, may affect how well the movie performs at the box office. The following paragraphs will highlight how each of these aspects has an impact on the success (or failure) of a movie. A tough editing coupled with some good direction will leave the audiences enthralled. The movie Lord of the Rings is an apt example where each scene left the audiences at the edge of their seats, with their curiosity aroused (and maintained consistently) at wanting to know what will happen next. The director worked well with the editing team to ensure the placement of each scene is done in a manner which doesn’t bore the people watching it. The editing team, at times, ends up with the toughest job of deciding which scene to remove from the movie altogether. This is done so that the final movie doesn’t include any unnecessary moments which doesn’t add to the overall plot and makes the final product crisper for the audiences. Believable acting skills, in combination with an engaging script also helps in transporting the audiences to the ‘make-believe’ world of the fantasy that they will be watching. Actors such as Orlando Bloom played the part of the Elf so well, that people still associate him with the character he played in the movie, well after the movie ended. The witty script of Lord of the Rings also ensured that the audiences were left amazed at the fictional world of Middle Earth with characters ranging from dwarfs who could fight brilliantly, elves who could perform magic and humans who would defeat the evil with their resolute will, determination and good intentions. External factors such as the society’s perspectives and the era in which the movie is being released, the audiences prevalent social and political ideologies also play a role in contributing to the success of a movie. In this instance, the aforementioned movie is based on a book by Tolkein. And the book wasn’t successful at the time of its release in the 18th century as concepts of fantasy and folklore were perhaps not as popular at the time. But the movie adaptation of this book in the 21st century was a huge success. This may be because people have become more accepting and excited at the idea of magical creatures and fantasy in general. Overall, it can be easy to assume, that there are many factors that leads to the success of a movie and at times, one cannot determine and take into account some unforeseen aspects as well.
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