companies use a variety of methods to improve the sales of their products. what are these methods? which is the most effective method?

Organizations apply many different approaches to sell more goods. Using negative feedback from clients and having strict quality control are good examples. However, i believe the best one is advertising. Negative feedback is a process used by business' to judge their prodcuts through the opinion of their customers. In other words, clients that purchase these goods are sought out and asked through many ways - for example questionaire's- how their experience with them was and what they would change or modify about them. This way, companies management teams can alter their stock based on the feedback, improving them and releasing them back into the market. In addition to this, Quality Control is another technique put into place to enahnce transactions. This is because through strict supervisation of the grade of production, their reputation can be upheld and consumers will be more likely to gravitate towards them. For instance, Mercedes Benz a German car company has dominated 80% of the market for the past 50 years because of its reputation of exceptional high standards. Although negative feedback and quality control are important methods used to boost revenue, i believe the best method is advertising. Promoting commodoties can be done through billboards, social media, tv and word of mouth. Regardless of quality, if something is very well advertised, people will be inclined to purchase it, especially if it resonates with the masses in a relatable manner. For example, Apple Iphones are the most popular cellular devices world wide, purely due to their huge promotion potentiol. They surpass similar companies who have are just as renowned like Samsung and Huwawei. Apple advertises its products through billboards, online applications and TV channels. Furthermore, news of their new releases is contantly released on websites like Twitter, in turn, exciting consumers before they even drop. In conclusion, corporations have diverse ways of bettering the numbers of their merchandise. While being open to customer response's about their products and having tight quality control are great methods, good publication will always prevail as the most suitable approach.
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