Some people think that men are naturally more competitive than women. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is thought by some that women are less competitive than men. I partly agree with this statement as it is related to significantly higher levels of testosterone that men have and as they still are supposed in many places throughout the world to be the ones who have to take care of their families. To begin with, one of the aspects that differs females from males are hormones and their effects on individual characters and behaviour. Testosterone is being released into male bloodstream in average five times more than we can find in female’s blood. As testosterone is known to be responsible for common features such as muscle building, sexual libido, but even the level of aggressiveness and competitiveness, this is to say that men are determined by nature to be more competitive than women. The other fact is that we live in the age when patriarchy still predominates. Undoubtedly there is a connection between the responsibilities men have and how they behave and deal with tasks, for example, at work. It can be said that they often have to compete for better working and social positions as their families rely on them significantly. However, there is an increasing amount of women who seek to throw a balance between males and females. Professions that used to be thought only for men are becoming available for women as well. Similarly, as women’s emancipation has been increasing considerably, we can see nowadays more women in high positions such as directors, politicians and even female presidents. Hence, it is clear that females are becoming more competitive than ever before as they have built the conditions to work on their careers and to show and compare their abilities with men. To conclude, I still believe that the majority of men are more competitive than the majority of women, however, the difference between genders is equalizing constantly due to the opportunities that have been able to provide for themselves.
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