A lot of places in the world rely on tourism as a main source of income. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems if it is not managed correctly. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the modern world. Do you think that benefits of tourism outweigh its drawbacks?

Nowadays, tourism generates a significant proportion of income for many countries throughout the world, but it has its drawbacks too. This essay will focus on main advantages of tourism such as additional money for a country to spend and creation of new jobs, along with main disadvantages such as increasing criminality and environmental problems. To begin with, the two main advantages of developed tourism are the boost in country’s economy and a large number of jobs that are being provided for locals. The more tourists are travelling abroad, the more money is being spent on different services including shopping centres, food markets, transportation, hotels and amusements. This way, tourism provides a country with additional income that a country needs in order to develop itself. Many different jobs can also be created due to the tourism such as hotel stuff, tour guides, restaurant workers and taxi drivers. Nevertheless, the tourism has also caused many problems such as a growth in crime and destruction of popular destinations. The presence of tourists having large sums of money to spend and carrying expensive jewellery and different devices such as cameras and smartphones, increases the attraction for criminals and brings with it activities such as robbery. The other fact is that many places are being destroyed by tourists who do not behave with respect to nature, ancient buildings, temples and monuments. Take as example Red Sea that already lost half of its corals because of people who want to take some to them to their homes or damage them by standing on them. To conclude, although the tourism can cause a growth in crime rates and has destructive effects on natural wealth, it is extremely beneficial for many countries as they can receive additional money from tourists and as it provides their citizens with a wide range of jobs.
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