New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time. do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

In many parts of the world. It is not uncommon to see the way young generation spends their leisure time from outdoor to indoor activities due to the inteference of high-tech advancement. While it is true that there are certain benefits regarding this tendency, I am convicticted that the negative consequences overwhelming its positive aspetcs. When it comes to the advent of technology, the internet offers schoolers numberous beneficial applications. In more detais, a wide range of games, which carry educational aspects, are entered in order to serve the youngster. Therefore, this not only children to release stress from intensive study, but also broaden their horizons within valuable knowledge. Turing to alternative side, this inclination assets various detrimental impacts on teenagers. The first drawback would be that the under-18s can be easily engrosed in their private devices, which mau distract them from studying. As a result, students might fall behind their study, causing the decline in academic performance. Another shortcoming stems from the mental and physical issues. Since children addicted in the Internet, they would allocate more time to sit behind the screen rather than going out. This, thence, deprive adolescents of their opportunities to social life, which makes them becomes more prone to passive-lifestyle diseases such as introvert and less confident in comparasion with others. In long run, this action may negatively affetc on their adulthood, which could make them suffer from sedentary lifestyle. To recapitulate, albeit youngsters can obatin a host of merits from the Internet, they must avoid themselves from addicting to it. Hence, I concut with the notion that this attitude vrings more downsides to teenagers’ well-being as welll as study concentration.
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