Nowadays we see an increase in social problems involving teenagers. Many peope believe that it is because parents spend more time at work and less with their childern. Do you agree or disagree?

These days, it is a hot potato that parents are getting more complain about their kids from schools, neighbourhood and relative that they are not acting well with others. A group of people thinking that guardians are the one who are mainly responsible for this cause because they are allocating more time to their work instead of looking after their children in the early age. I totally agree with this group of people and their suggestion. There are several reasons behind why parents are the main factor behind social mistakes of their children. One of them is, children misbehave with the elder people. Learning of respect does not come from the school, they need to be taught by own father and mother. For example, it is found in a survey that parents who raised and spend good time together with their school age children increase more respect for the elder person compare to whom not. Another reason is that, decreasing calmness nature in kids. People frequent receiving complain about the fight or misbehave in the school for their children. This happens because of the teenager does require family oriented strictness towards their regular behavior. It is possible if parents are engaging for good time with them, making understandably for the situation and explaining the pros and cons of bad behaviour. For instance, in Canada, most of the students whose guardian are highly equipped with their work and not giving time for their loved one, are facing so much troubles in their routine and educational life. In conclusion, growing age requires so much attention towards kids and it only can be possible with their own parents. It will not only enhance their ability, but also helpful to maintain their good manners for the society.
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