The world’s most urgent problem is caused by over-population. Do you agree or disagree?

There are many dicussions revolving to the issue of whether the primary cause of most global problems is overpopulation. While it is true that the growing in population is inevitable, I agre with the idea that overpopulation is the main factor for most of the world serious issues, including natural disasters and pollutions. To begin with, human may destroy the world through exploitations of natual resources. Since natural resources are scared, the more human living in this planet, the more they would be exploited in order to meet our demand of living. For instance, wooden products such as papers and furnitures are necessary. An increase number of human would corresponding to the needs of wood from the trees. However, the loss of trees in the forests may negatively affect on the environment in which could cause several natural disasters such as flooding and atmospheric pollution. Moreover, besides the necessary of exploitation, many people are unawareness about the importance of protecting the planet. Since hume is not reusing or recycling, they are contributing to the world’s pollution. For instance, there is only a minority number of people who recognize the importance of reusing plastic bags. Plastic is a long-lasting materials which may need to be limited. If plastic is not limited, it would cuase many diseases for both human and animals, especially marine creatures. Plenty of evidence has been shown that the consumption of plastic and other materials are increased by time, which in turn proves that the growth in population cause many problems for the planet. To recapitualte, an increase in population overtime is inevitable and I agree with the idea that overpopulation is a main cause for the majority of global problems.
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