“ Many people think that men should go out to work while women’s place is in the home. To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

Gender roles have become an endless discussion on over the century. It was said that “ men should be breadwinners while women are supposed to be at home”, this stereotype has existed for a thousand year due to the genetic inheritance and socio – demographic components, however, I totally disagree with this. The fact is that that, women’s contributions are obviously undeniable. Looking back at the past, when we were in “ male- chauvinist” generation, our ancestors discriminated against women in favor of men. Women always perceived a thick glass ceiling without any clear and convinced reasons. Nevertheless, the weaker sex’s significant offerings to society were acknowledged by the entire human being. There were a lot of women who left their stamps on history. For example “ Phan Tuyet Nhung, - who successfully gave birth to ten babies in Vietnam, “ Queen Isabella”. It goes without saying that women are as great as men. Another reason should be taken into account is “ Men make house, women make home” is no longer right in the modern life. Women now are ready to accept challenges and face to difficulties instead of hiding themselves and being taken for granted by men. “ Hillary Clinton” is running her campaign to the White House with the great ambition to be the most powerful woman in the US history. “ Christine Lagarde” amazed the world with her brilliant managing skill leading I.M.F overcome the darkest time of the world economic history. On the other hand, a modern man is believed to get along with housework , take care of children as well as develop their career. In conclusion, although I have to admit that it is not easy to vanish the thousand years existed discrimination on the ground of sex, men and women are more and more equal these days ( 304 words.)
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