Learning English at school is often seen as important than learning locak languages . If these are not taught, many are at risk of dying out. In your opinion , is it important for everyone to learn English? Should we ry to ensure the survival of locak languages and , if so, how?

In our twenty-one century , English is considered the most language used internationally between people ;In fact , According to wikipedia , More than 60% of the people around the world speak English as a first language or second language . English , also, used in all instituation and universites around the world in books , researches , and studies. English helps people to gain knowledge , know more about cultures , and - may one day - union people to speak one language . Furthermore , many students seek to study in English countries ,like Canda or Australia, . For these reasons, It's very important to start learning English for students from their first grades . On other hand , Learning local language is important . With learning local language , one can know more about the history and traditions of his country. Most of companies and instituations of one's country will require fluency of local langauge. However , Many schools , especially International schools, leave out the local language and focus on English language. Many of students of these schools struggle in speaking their local language . In the near future , when most of generations can hardly speak English , this local language can die and considered from endangered language . To solve this problem , In my opinion, governments have to make their local language as obligantory subject in all schools. Media and T.V shows should raise awarness of learning local language. In my opinion , learning local language is as important as learning English . Each of them supports goal in person's life. we should focus on how to develop both of them.
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