In recent times, many people are making decision to live alone. Does it have positive or negative on society?

Some people on society modern are deciding to live alone. This essay will try to identify the issues of living alone and also explain the effects of the issues on society. One could think of various reasons why many people make decision to live with no one. First and foremost, career is more important for them, they are more focus to reach their dreams if they are living alone. Consequently, they do not want to married anyone. Those people do not want to make family and spend time mostly alone, that make their temper unstable. However, they are wondering work is happier if they do not have anyone to take care and could more focus on job. Somehow, it make them get stress easily and bad temper. People could not live alone. They should have to socialize on society. People who live alone have fluctuate emotion and more sensitive. They need to release stress with talk other people or they become feel anxious, sick both mentality and physically. In addition, they could not work properly and harm another people around them. To conclude, I think unconstant temper of people who live alone has been caused by being company servants as well as changes in social problems and turn could lead to problems to expand social circle.
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