Some universities offer online courses as an alternative to class delivered to on campus. Do you think it is positive or negative development.

In these days, with the advent of technology the majority of the universities provide online courses rather than regular classes. It is often debated that online courses are beneficial or not. I believe that online courses has more positive aspects as compared to negative aspects. To begin with, there are myriad reasons why I claim that online courses has benefits for students. The first and the predominant cause is that it creates a convenient environment for self study. Students who stay far away from the tertiary education institutions they can continue their study for long term. Secondly, students obtain a chance to do study with renowned universities and they get foreign degrees without leave their country. For instance, a recent research has revealed that most developed countries such as Canada, Australia and United Kingdom provides online courses to all over the world. Moreover, variety of online courses allows to students learn at their own pace and time whereas regular classes have fixed time so that it is effective for those people who do a job. Last but not least, learning through online platforms not only helps of individuals to enhance their skills but also give them a good chance for career purposes. For example, in India nowadays the majority of the students who do online courses are doubled. Hence, online courses are essential for continue the study. In conclusion, in my opinion, online classes are a positive development and a good alternative to regular classes delivered on campus.
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