In many countries, the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of crime? How can we deal with the possible causes?

There is an increasing trend being observed in the number of criminal activities in many countries. This essay will first suggest that major cause behind the increase in the amount of crime is increasing aggressiveness and diluting patience in the human behaviour and then suggest that it can be dealt by government policies for encouraging the people to practice yoga on daily basis. The root behind the increasing criminal activity is found to be increasing aggressiveness and less patience in human behaviour. On the first hand, increased aggressiveness has led to many serious crimes such as fights and murders. For example one of the customers in a shopping store started to beat the accountant for mistakenly adding an extra item in the bill which could have been resolved by a simple talk. On the other hand, the diluting patience in human behaviour made people conduct crimes such as thefts and fights. For example one of the people driving his car could not bear the horn blowing by the taxi driver while on the traffic light signal behind and comes out to beat up the taxi driver and tries to break the car glass and lights. A survey conducted in China suggests that crimes have increased by more than 20% in the areas where people are more aggressive and less patience. A possible way to tackle the above causes is to bring awareness among the people for practising yoga on a daily basis. The government can introduce the policies for introducing yoga classes and centre in the country to encourage people to build yoga as part of the routine life. A recent survey in India suggests that those who practise yoga on a daily basis are lean by the behaviour and hold a high level of patience compare to those who do not practise yoga. To conclude, aggressiveness and decreasing patience level cause humans to conduct a crime and it can be dealt with bringing new facilities to teach yoga to more people and build yoga as part of daily life.
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